Monday, July 6, 2009


A few weeks ago we were out driving around after a photo shoot and noticed 2 large hot air balloons sailing low in the sky. My husband (always the adventurist) quickly drove after them in pursuit. I stopped the car several times to try to get a shot of them as they floated just over our heads. We spent a few minutes following them until we realized that they were landing in a field just behind our off we went...and we made it just in time to see them land!

The lesson wasn't lost on me. I was completely mesmerized by the size of the balloons, the depth of the baskets, the ferocity of the flame which kept them off the ground....yet in the all seemed so effortless and easy.

We've been floating. Carried along by a current...unsure of our next move. But I think we are ready to land.

After 3 months of listing our house, showing our house, house hunting, house dreaming, and house decorating (mentally at least)...we lost the house. And then the floating began. What do we do next?

So we have decided to land...take a look around at the beautiful scenery right in front of our eyes...and be content with the bounty of what we already have.

We are getting pretty excited about the opportunities we have to improve our current home. We are looking into an addition that could house a small photography studio, working on creating a small playroom for the girls in an unfinished attic space, and clearing the toys from the basement so that our family can really enjoy some evening times together.

Glad we've finally landed on some decisions...and ready to get moving again!

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~love said...

"content w/ the bounty we already have."

love it.

best wishes w/ the additions and improvements. that can be so much fun.

beautiful pictures!!