Wednesday, July 1, 2009

2nd times a charm {Kansas City Baby Photographer}

I met up with an adorable family a few weeks ago for some 6 month photographs. But, their sweet baby girl was not into the whole photo session ordeal...and after a break for a bottle, some Daddy snuggles, and some prop re-arranging...she still wasn't feeling it. So I suggested we re-schedule. That's what I love about custom photography. Sears Portrait Studio won't do that. And I love that I have the flexibility working for myself to recognize when another day is the best option. And I'm SO thankful for wonderful clients who trust me and are willing to try again another time!

Cause we would have missed this cute smile.

And this one too :)

Have I mentioned how much I LOVE to photograph babies. Or how much I just love babies in general? I'm a total baby freak. I love how each precious child is different and so special. This little beauty had the most amazingly soft hair sprouting all over. I swear it had grown longer in the 2 weeks between our sessions. It is so soft and a fluffy little chick. And her porcelain complexion is just dreamy.

I caught this shot during our first session together and thought it was awfully sweet.

I love how a baby can make us see the wonder in the world. How looking into those beautiful eyes can give you hope and excitement about what lies ahead.

Thank you S family for trusting me with your baby girl and for making an extra trip to the park. I hope that when you see your gallery it, it will be so worth it!!


CurlyGirlD said...
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CurlyGirlD said...

As always, the shots are GORGEOUS! I just adore the feet photo with the flower. It made me melt. Have a happy 4th!