Monday, July 27, 2009

10 on Tuesday

I've seen this around on several of my favorite blogs and I'm going to try it out. Maybe having a specific format will keep me current with posting. But here is my disclaimer: I may not actually get this done every Tuesday. It may at times creep to Wed. or Thurs., in which case it would become 10 on Wednesday, and that cute alliteration will be completely missed. And I may not actually have 10 interesting items to share each week. In which case it might be 7 on Wednesday...which again...doesn't have that same nice ring to it. But let's just give it a whirl anyways, shall we?

1. "The Club" has been framed and drywalled and is in the process of receiving several messy coats of mud before we fill the entire second story of our home with dust when the sanding begins. I picked out THIS new rug for the room this weekend. I heart green. I heart polka dots. I figured it was meant to be.

2. Sam had his last bottle Sunday. Monday morning I handed him a cup of milk when he woke up to which he had this reply: lunge from my arms...fall to the floor...roll to belly while screaming at the top of his lungs...throw the cup as far as humanly possible...pound fists against the floor. Lovely, huh? I actually laughed. It was pretty cute in a pathetic sort of way. I guess my inkling that he was getting a wee bit attached to his ba-ba was correct. Happy to note that he has given in (mostly) and seems to be coming around :)

3. After the above mentioned incident, Sam walked around double fisting 2 baby doll bottles for the rest of the day. He intermittently sucked on one and then the other...he held them tight for at least 3 hours. Again...funny and pathetic all rolled up together. But definitely photo worthy.

4. 21 days until I have a first grader. How did I get so old?

5. I think I'll make lemon poppy seed muffins for breakfast. That sounds nice.

6. I know you think I'm already running out of clever thing to say.

7. We did a family photo session with one of my FAVORITE gals last night. I am so excited to have finally gotten some images of my little family. After the session Sara was showing me a few images on her camera. She kept squinting and asking, "What exactly is A doing in this shot??" Yeah...welcome to my world, girl. I'm glad I'm not the only photographer who gets those crazy "smiles". I can't wait to share some of the images she took. Of course we took Charlotte along since she is like family only seemed right. We had so much fun. We spent the night laughing and of course talking shop. See how much fun we had?!? Of course she emailed me this within minutes of being home...because let's face it....I look darn hot (snort). Had to post it though because it DOES pretty much sum up our fun night :)

8. I am debating the purchasing of a new lens. The internal struggle is really getting to me. It is like an all out war between my split personalities. Do I get the Nikon lens which will cost me my life's savings and possibly my soul (or one of my children)...or the cheapo version which I will probably hate (but at least I can keep my kids)? Decisions, Decisions...

9. I just spent $84.00 on 2 pairs of shoes for my almost first grader. I find that to be nauseating to the 10th degree. Have you ever noticed how hard it is to find a nice pair of leather shoes (sans Hannah Montana) for a child in a size 13. Once they cross over into the "big girls" section it is all glitter and pleather..."stinky shoes" as my girls like to call them. In case you are wondering....we ended up with THESE for now and THESE for later. Kind of boring actually. But at least Mylie Cyrus isn't emblazoned on the sides :)

10. I just finished a banana. It was about 1 day from being truly ripe. Have you ever noticed that bananas are really only good for about a day...there is a fine balance between not-quite-ready-for-consumption and throw-in-the-freezer-for-banana-bread. I think I jumped the gun.

Alrighty folks. That's all I've got!


Mandy said...

You're so funny! ;)

Love the fun rug...I think it's meant to be too! Did you check the PBTeen site? They have some bolder colors & I think there is a green dotty rug too. That's where I found my apple green dotty shades.

YES, I know how hard it is to find big girl's like you are hoochie mama as soon as you hit a size 13...SO irritating!! I got a pair of nice New Balance tennies on Piperlime ($34) & found the aqua low top converse that Olivia has been begging for at Garnet Hill ($30) I just have to talk myself out of those Morgan & Milo Blue FLAME tennies for E at Garnet darn cute!!!

Lala said...

Hi Jenn!!! LOL... LOVE the shot of you and the "main man"! Can't wait to see the others! (hint hint)

Yep... Welcome to the word of "in between"... When you see something you like (or they like) in the right size... snatch it up! Seems to be a large population of KIDDIES in the same size at the same time!

Miss you friend! Glad to know all is well!

Love, Lala :o)
OH... go for the NIKON lense... you KNOW you won't be happy otherwise! *wink*

Lacey McKay said...

This is so crazy, but I swear I was going to write you yesterday and suggest wood ceilings in your playroom! I was browsing through my new Pottery Barn Kids catalog and chatting with my mom on the phone and told her "You know, ever single one of these rooms is covered floor to ceiling in white wooden planks! I told her I wanted to put wood on the ceiling in our playroom and paint it bright white! Looks like you beat me to it!

Lacey McKay said...

Also, I agree with Lala. Go with the Nikon! You won't regret it. Well, I'm a Canon girl, but the point is, don't ever skimp when it comes to your photog equipment! I've learned that the hard way more than once!

And I totally agree about the banana thing! It really irritates me that fruit doesn't last more than a few days. I have found the same to be true for asparagus. It went bad in like two days. Am I not supposed to refrigerate it?

Noelle said...

My SIL is a photographer and she was just lamenting last week when she was visiting us about not getting the good Nikon lens.

nic said...

i love these 10 on matter what the day. :)

amen on the bananas.

i FEEL YOUR PAIN on #8. why do the kids have to be so cute?

love the sara's shot of you and p!

good choice with the shoes...i'm about to take my three boys shoe shopping and just the thought of it is painful.

erin said...

loved this, very fun!

Glad to hear that Eden is not the only one throwing fits about using a up and no more bottles!

Angel said...

You two are adorable. Can't wait to see more from the shoot. I loved the list too, keep 'em coming.

So funny, when I opened the PB catalog this week, I thought of your playroom too, with the beadboard ceiling. LOVE beadboard!