Monday, June 8, 2009

Happy Birthday Mr. Peepers!

It doesn't seem like THIS was too long ago. I was so anxious to meet my baby boy after 9 months of extreme sickness and 9 weeks of bed rest. The induction was 10 hours late...and I was getting cranky. But an hour after the induction started...I had this amazing new love. Forever.

I've done a mini photo session with him every month around his "monthday" to try to capture his growth. I literally have hundreds (or thousands) of photo memories of this sweet face and I love that each stage will be documented forever!

This past year has been such an amazing experience for me. With each new child I have grown as a mom. I'm learning everyday...growing...and changing. These little people are molding me into someone so very different than I used to be. And I am so thankful to them for their patience with me...their curiosity...their silliness and laughter...their squishy little hugs....their unconditional love.

My Sam. Mr. Peepers. Super Sam. Lil Digger. You've changed us so much this past year. And you've done a bit of changing yourself!

a dozen special tricks at one year:
1. speed crawling
2. walking behind anything you can push
3. taking a few steps on your own (6-7)
4. feeding yourself "big boy" food like grilled cheese, chicken nuggets, and french fries
5. talking: mama, dada, nana, no, hi, uh-oh, baba, night-night
6. sleeping with your special blankie all night
7. playing the "uh-oh" game
8. flirting
9. clapping your hands
10. doing "touchdown"
11. giving slobbery kisses
12. waving bye-bye

Every morning I wake up and thank God that He has given me these young lives. I'm overwhelmed by the sheer weight of the task at hand in raising them...and overjoyed that they call me mommy. Sam has been the perfect addition to our little family. He is like the missing puzzle piece we didn't know we had lost...he completes us.

I pray God will give me the strength to raise him to know his Lord, to live with integrity, to be a friend to those who need it, and to be honest and trustworthy. I pray that those chubby little fingers will work hard to make a difference in the lives of others. I pray that his tender smiles will be given freely and without reserve. I pray that his inquisitive mind will keep seeking answers. I pray for my little one.

Happy Birthday to our little man. We love you!


Lessie said...

Happy Birthday Sweet boy!!! We love you!!!
Love, Your Uncle and Aunt

randi---i have to say said...

Too cute! Happy day to your little one!

mom2four said...

Happy Birthday Sam! I can't believe it! It has been so much fun being there when you were thinking about having another, finding out you were pregnant, watching your belly grow, meeting Sam at the hospital and watching him grow all year! Sam has the ability to flash a smile and make everyone feel like they are his 'special crush'. Really, I've received a gummy grin and hugs and felt so important and then watched him do the same a minute later to someone else he doesn't know as well. He has a lot of love to share and will certainly do a lot to help others in this world. Happy 1st!

nic said...

Jenn, you are one endearing mama. Happy birthday, Sam!