Saturday, June 27, 2009

Answers volume 2

WOW have we had a busy week! I took the girls to Suzuki violin camp. My in-laws came to visit and help with Sam and my sister came to help me with the girls. With all the craziness...there was just no time to blog. And while the week was was wonderful and rewarding to see the progress the girls made (their photographer mom forgot her camera so unfortunately there won't be any cute photos of the events).

So now it's time to share a few more answers to some questions! These fall under the "other" category...mainly about life with my family and other personal things :) I'm hoping these aren't killing you all with boredom...not many comments on the previous post. Please tell me that is coincidental ;)

{On a side note...this grouping of photos was taken on the beach on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. I experimented with an action to provide a washed out/sun worn feel...kind of a dreamy memory of a wonderful vacation away from the stresses of life. Not my typical post processing...but I think I love the feel of the end result.}

1. Do you think you will EVER do any custom kid's clothing designs again?
Probably not. I still enjoy sewing for my own kids and hope to find time to do more of it again this fall. But to be completely was a relief to pull away from ebay and all the pressures to list frequently. I'm finding I really don't miss it at all and that is how I know I made the right decision. I do still love to sew and have mounds of fabric calling to me (if anyone is interested in buying fabric in bulk please contact me!) but I think I will stick to the occasional outfit for one of my own kids!

2. Do you still make your girls clothes? Do you miss sewing?
See above post :) But also...YES I miss sewing (just not the listing on ebay part). I would love to sew for my girls more. One of the problems is that when you aren't sewing frequently (as in every day) you become much slower at putting things together. It takes me so much longer to whip up a little outfit now than it did a year ago...but I do plan to continue trying to have at least of couple of "take a bow" outfits in their closets each season.

3. I assume you made the blouses your girls wore to Sam's party. They are ADORABLE!!! I would love to know what pattern you used.
Carter's Outlet :)

4. My question is, since you are no longer doing kids clothing would you be willing to reveal your source for those fabulous knits you always seem to have.
I'd be happy to share regardless if I was still selling or not. I have purchased knits from numerous sources but my favorite is The Fabric Fairy. I noticed a few months ago that Hobby Lobby is also starting to carry a few jersey knits as well (they may have been carrying them for awhile but I don't get down to the fabric/notions area very often anymore!)

5. My question is, Do you have more than 24 hours in your day? I'm amazed how much you seem to fit into a day, what's the secret??? :)
HA! I wish :) I'm a do-er...not sure it is a good thing...but I have a hard time sitting still. I have always been very active (sorry about that Mom and Dad) and need to stay busy or I get bored. I tend to gain energy by I love to always have a project brewing on the back burner :)

6. I love the party ideas and themes/colors/outfits always coordinating .... What has been the best birthday theme and/or party you have thrown? Why? What was your favorite part/item?
A had a kitty party for her 5th birthday that was so adorable! She is a total animal lover and she chose the theme. I made her a stripworked twirl skirt out of glamour kitty prints in pink, aqua, and black and appliqued a black tee with a kitty head and rhinestone collar. My friend made her cake which was a 3D mommy cat with her kitten. We played pin the tail on the kitty, did a kitty pinata, and made jeweled collars for the stuffed kitties we gave as favors. I took a picture of each little girl with her kitten by the front door and we used that photo for the thank you cards after the party ended. I loved the entire was perfect for my kitty loving girl :)

7. ...which one ended up not turning out quite as good as you visioned?
I'd have to go with J's 4th birthday for that one. The party itself was quite cute...she had a pink princess theme...but I spent the entire party at the local ER so I missed the whole thing. One of the reasons I love parties is that it gives me a chance to show my children how special they are to me. I thoroughly enjoy planning all the little details and love to see their reaction when they realize that "all the fuss" was for them. I don't believe in spoiling my kids day to day but it is SO fun to give them one day when it is all about them :)

8. My question would be: do you do any sewing/crafting yet... and if you do show us some stuff!
I'll try to get right on that! I have been so busy this spring with photography clients I have put some of projects on hold. But that is one of my goals this get back to sharing (and doing) more things around my house! And I promise to share....hold me to it ;)

9. ok, here's my question: are you a bonafide human being, or do you just exist as a figment of my imagination? you are just all sorts of amazing, girl. :)
Well other than my bionic arm and ability to become invisible at any moment...I'm mostly human ;) This question cracked me up...because if you have ever visited Nic's know she is "all sorts of amazing" times TEN. Plus she is a constant source of inspiration for me. In more ways than she knows. And we've never even met in person. And that's a shame.

10. I guess I could ask how the house selling situation is coming along?
Not so great. As in...we lost the house. We put in for an extension on it while we were on vacation at the beach, only to find out when we arrived home, we had lost it to another offer. Kind of a depressing way to end our vacation. I think I'm over it (mostly) and ready to move on to other options. We are still sorting through how we want to move forward (looking for another house or renovating our current home). We are considering an addition here...we'll keep you posted on what we decide. I'm still a little bitter about the 8 weeks of extensive cleaning that I did while our house was on the market....but I figure I have at least 6 months now before I really need to pick up the vacuum again :)

11. How did you and your husband meet?
On my first day of orchestra my freshman year at William Jewel Collage, I sat down next to an incredibly cute violinist named Paul. And after I managed to convince him to dump his current girlfriend, the rest was history :) The faculty from the music dept. all felt personally responsible for our marriage...we had plenty of "help" getting together. We got married between my sophomore and junior years (yes I was just a baby) and lived in married student housing. He totally completes me. He is my reserved, controlled, level-headed counterpart. I'm so thankful for him!

12. Favorite food?
Chocolate. And in case you don't consider that food (shame on you) I'll go with pasta.

{the first night we tried to do a photo shoot we ran into low light and heavy winds...I didn't get much from that session but loved this more dramatic shot!}
13. Favorite family night?
Carry out, a movie with the kids on the floor, and a sleep over in our sleeping bags.

I will be back tomorrow with the WINNER of the GIVEAWAY!


Gena said...

I found you! Oh my goodness, these pictures are just breathtaking. We had so much fun with you girls at camp. Raegan's glad to have met some new violin friends, and I'm just thrilled to have a new blog to stalk. ;)

I'll find a way to send you the pictures I took.

Angel said...

Gorgeous photos! And great answers too. You have such an adorable family. :)

sara sew said...

I've loved getting to know you in the last few posts. I became aware of your blog from a sewing friend and fabric shop owner and have loved reading your blog for the last few months. My passion is sewing but am trying to learn how to use my camera so I loved getting your take on photography. Thank you for sharing your talent. Since my talent isn't there yet I am hoping to be able to have you take pictures of my girls one time when we are in KC visiting my family. Long comment to say thanks for the answers:)


sara sew said...

I forgot to ask a question: about what time of day did you take your beach photos? We are headed to the beach in a few weeks and I am going to try to take some pictures like the ones you posted. Thanks!

Noelle said...

I would love to talk to you more about buying some of your gorgeous knit fabrics!

Love the gorgeous beach shots, thanks so much for sharing :)

kim said...

Thanks for sharing, your pictures are so beautiful! I love your blog!
Kim :)

Ann said...

I love all of the family photos. You look positively radiant! I'm sure you will do some fabulous arrangement with them on a wall, and when you do, please share! I love seeing how you pull it all together.

Raupptiere said...

The pictures are sooooo beautiful!


Jessica said...

I loved reading these answers! Gorgeous photos!!

{Erlinda} said...

Beautiful photos! Thank you for sharing...I loved reading all of your answers!

nic said...

fab post, and holy cannoli i love those dreamy beachy photos. i especially adored hearing how you and p got together. maybe a longer post on that someday? :)

ps still not entirely convinced you are real, haha...

pps i'm sorry about the house! i was praying for that whilst being the world's slowest jogger each morning. :(

~love said...

loved reading! =)


seriously gorgeous photos. love them. you're beautiful. =)