Monday, October 13, 2008

Pinkalicious and the ER

Yesterday we celebrated J's 4th birthday with a super girly, princess pink, ballet dancer birthday party. The only prerequisite was that you had to come in lots of pink and dance til you were dizzy! We began planning several weeks ago and I was so excited to see our resident princess in action. But as the day drew on, I began to feel worse and worse...and just as the party was starting (and guests were arriving) I determined a trip to the ER was unavoidable. I was there the entire day...lovely. P held down the fort in princess-land and made sure all the little ballerinas had a superb time and that the birthday girl was thoroughly spoiled (he even snapped a few pictures in my absence). I had lofty ideas of beautiful pictures to share...but these will have to suffice. I think I'm pretty darn lucky P took any at all...between the cake serving, ballerina corralling, S bouncing, gift unwrapping, and cleaning! We will have a small celebration at home on Wed. for her real birthday. Hopefully I can redeem myself then!

Cupcakes fit for a queen (or ballerina!)

Party goodies

The birthday girl herself!

Taking her role pretty darn seriously...wouldn't want to miss out on an extra wish!

Now to deal with the aftermath of the party and trips to the Dr. to figure out what is going on. Hopefully I will be back to my regular wordy self soon!


Lala said...

Hi Jenn!!! How LUCKY J is!!! What a PERFECTLY PRINCESS PARTY!!! And of course... her KNIGHT... aren't WE THE LUCKY ONES??? SHe looks ADORABLE... and those cupcakes are fabulous!!!

Thanks to P for snapping some pics!!! And thank you for sharing them!!!

Feel better REAL SOON!!!

Happy Birthday J!!!!

Love, Lala XOXO

Swede at Heart said...

Jenn the pink cupcake tower is fabulous! I'm sure J had a wonderful day. I really hope you are doing better. :(

Little*Precious Boutique said...

That is IT!
I can't stand it anymore, I am BEGGING you to adopt me!! ;)

The party looks PERFECTLY goodness, what a lucky little girl Miss J is!

I do hope you are feeling better & back to your sweet wordy self very soon!

Anonymous said...

Look how Fabulously pink everything was!! Sorry to hear you were sick~ hopefully you are feeling better now!
Happy Birthday J!!!!

Michelle J said...

I came upon your site as I am looking to have a pinkilicious party for my daughter who wil be turning 4, may I ask where you got her adorable shirt and the plates? thanks so much. Michelle

Sara Farrar Photography said...

jenn!!! what an adorable themed party you planned... and then you had to miss it?! your daughter looks so cute and what adorable cupcakes! hope you are feeling better:)

Little O' Me said...

Love everything...its all beautiful and perfect!!

You are totally amazing!!!! And your girls are gorgeous!!!

Rebekah said...

Happy birthday to the little miss! Love those tiara cupcakes!!!

Leah said...

WHAT AN ADORABLE LITTLE PARTY! The cupcake tower, your little party do we get invited to your little ones parties!? :) JK... I hope YOU feel better! All that work and you didn't even get to see the action. Probably exhausted from all the creativity! :)