Sunday, February 8, 2009

Lord help me.

Four has been hard. I have no idea why they call it the "terrible two's" because at our house four seems to be the year where my sweet-natured little ones turn into toddzilla. I love this little one so fiercly. But I could definitely do without the mood swings and general grumpiness that seems to permeate our days together. I will never understand how she can be so utterly adorable and mischievously defiant at the same time. But when she makes up her mind to be happy...she is such a joy. So full of life, and giggles, and make believe. And when she tells me "you're the best mommy down here...and Mary is the best mommy up there (as she looks heavenward)" heart sings! It's good to know your place in the world ;)

I love that she is still a bit toddler and a bit big girl. We've finally broken the thumb sucking habit and that seems to have catapulted her into the realm of little girl. She's still a princess through and through but she now claims brown as her favorite color and often states "mommy...that's so stylish!"

I love her crazy language. How she can't wait to get on her "ballerina-tard" for dance class. And how she uses "hani-tizer" to clean her hands in the car. She talks incessantly about "Hawagii" even though we've never been there and thinks you have surgery at the "hostibal".

I love how she can get lost in a wonderful world of make believe where everyone wears a tiara and knows how to make a magic potion.

I love that she is so expressive and isn't afraid to speak her mind. Even when all I hear is "this is the worst day ever"...I know she is still learning how to sort through all those dramatic emotions she is feeling.

I love that she loves her sister whole heatedly. I love that she tries to emulate her best qualities and makes sure that everything at our house is fair and just.

I love that she will spend an hour in our backyard waving a large stick at passing aircraft...trying her darndest to cast a magic spell on the passengers inside.

I love that she is silly and funny and has a Brooklyn accent even though we live in Kansas.

I love, love, love this crazy four year old....and someday when she minds her manners and doesn't claim every day as "the worst day ever"...I'll look back on this year with a tender smile. Keep growing little are almost there.


Bethany said...

What a sweet, beautiful girl!! LOVE LOVE LOVE her dress!!

Kacey & Kandy said...

Hi Jenn! I'm a bit of a stalker/lurker on your blog, lol. These pictures are just precious! I have a 4 1/2 year old, and THE day that she turned 4, I saw a whole new person, not my sweet little toddler anymore...Lots of "I never...this is the WORST day...that's NOT fair...etc., etc..." I totally know where you are coming from and I hope the day that she turns 5, this phase will be gone!! Good luck with your new venture, I know that you will do well. You will be missed in eBay-land!



nic said...

J is so gorgeous and expressive, and with those round cheeks, her smile just couldn't be any sweeter.

i am uttering a hearty amen about this four year old almost feels like a watered down glimpse of what's in store during the teen years (heaven help us!).

and talk about lovely bokeh. you rocked this photoshoot, jenn. :)

Miche said...

This post really hit home for me, I am on my 3rd 4 y.o. girl (the boy is another story) and everyone has had the most attitude and definance at age 4. We have one more to get through and I have a feeling she will top them all. Your photography is beautiful as are your subjects. I enjoy coming into your space and seeing what you have to share. Thank you.

Swede at Heart said...

Seriously these photos are fantastic! I love the sun flare, the bokeh, the little sweetie girl and the outfit! YUMMY a perfect recipe.

Angel said...

Lovely pictures and those boots look like so much fun. I bet she just loves stomping around in them.

I think your little one was made from the same mold as one of mine. But mine is only 3.5!!! I don't know if I can take another year and a half of this. LOL I know EXACTLY what you are talking about! I just keep reminding myself of how sweet she was in those first two years and pray that she comes back around. **sigh** I'm sure she will. ;)

little pumpkin grace said...

Gorgeous photos, Jenn!!

Okay, I must say I'm now a little scared for say the next 2, no make that 3 years! My little pumpkin is just about to turn 2 in a few weeks and already the queen of emotions around here :) MUST wear her cow dress (MJ jumper), pink shoes, red bow, color only with pink, likes to tell me to sit RIGHT HERE MAMA and color ONLY with "lellow" or I'll be SO sad, pouty lip included. Every food group other than cheese, chicken nuggets or spaghetti is "so goss (gross)" insert gag face here and on and on and on...but then there are those moments when in pure, sweet childish honesty she exclaims "It's so bootiful (beautiful), mama" whether it be the pizza that just came out of the oven or my shoes and then belly giggles that just melt my heart :)

Whitney :) said...

Jenn .... i am a true believer that 5 is the PERFECT age ... I even made my 7 yr old promise to always love me like she did when she was five ... {and she does!} I remember 4 being very tough for her too ... and i think part of it had to do with being the second child ... always craving fairness ... and life just ain't fair all the time ... hard lessons for sure!!

hang in there ... she's beautiful and she will look back on these posts someday and know (even more deeply) how much she is loved :)

whit :)

erin {tvp} said...

Oh how I love that dress!!!! She is soooo precious!