Tuesday, January 13, 2009

little man

This little guy is growing up.

At 7 months he is such a hoot. I love so many things about this little man. I love that he always wants to be the center of attention...he'll work the crowd from across the room so he can flash you one of his giant gummy grins. I love his chubby fingers waving "bye-bye" and that determined wrinkled brow that comes out when he tries to say "mama". I love that he'll leap out of my arms when he sees all the grandmas at church...he knows just when someone needs a bit of baby love.

I love him in these little vintage-y overalls...barefoot...with chubby rolls. I love his unruly hair that never seems to lay quite right. I love those little chapped cheeks that are rosy red from all the drooling, blowing raspberries, and chewing.

I love his curiosity....how he log rolls from spot to spot to check out the world around him. I love his big brown eyes that seem to look straight through you...and melt your heart.

I love you little man...every little part.


mom2four said...

I love him too! Cute pics! Love the expression on the last one!

nic said...

he is so beautiful. i really need to say it again: he is so beautiful.

seriously, jenn, how do you make them so gorgeous?

nic said...

ok, i'm back because actually i have to say that also i love:

your houndstoothy wall
that chair
the quality of your photography
and those overalls.

i think i'm done blubbering all over your post now. let's hope.

Lala said...

Hi Jenn!!! GREAT CHATTING!!! Such SWEET pictures!!! He's certainly growing up!!! Thanks for sharing!!!

3* here this morning!!!

Love, Lala :o)
We forgot to chat aobut my SHIRRING!!!

serendipitylovesnewyork said...

He is so adorable, I especially love the last pic, I cant stop looking at his beautiful face!!
I love the chair and wallpaper, you have great taste!! Claire xx

Little*Precious Boutique said...

He is SO precious!!!
Great shots & I love to see "the chair" pop in from time to time. ;)

Tracy said...

He is such a GORGEOUS little guy!!!

Angel said...

Gorgeous, simply gorgeous!

little pumpkin grace said...

That is one handsome little fella!! That last pic is my fave. And I love, love those mighty acorns shortalls!!

carrie-EMAPhotography said...

He is just so adorable! Love your lighting here too!