Thursday, January 29, 2009

Cheerio {Kansas City Children's Photographer}

I fell in love with an idea I found in a recent issue of Better Holmes and Gardens magazine. It was a simple Valentine's Day craft project that included photos of your favorite people. And since we have such a shortage of fun photos of the kids around the house (insert snicker here) I decided it was time for a little "share the love" photo shoot of the kids. I recently placed a wholesale order with Oopsie Daisy Baby for a set of pettiskirts. Their website is total eye candy...and I was very impressed with the quality and fullness of the skirts once they arrived! I also must give a shout out to Amy of My Bella Bows on etsy. I ordered a rainbow of hats and flowers from her shop and was thrilled with the quality (and customer service!) Ok...onto the shots!

I was squeezing in mini photo shoots throughout the day as different kids became available :) And of course by the time this silly kindergartner made it home from school I had barely enough light left! But for once...she was such a good sport (I think it had something to do with wearing the frilly tutu and the promise of a lollipop larger than her head).

This one is usually a more eager model. I can usually get a big 'ol cheesy grin out's that serious face she hasn't quite mastered yet. In this shot I actually told her to just look into the camera and be sweet....she immediately burst out laughing....I guess she saw the irony ;)

And this little guy...wondering why he's sitting naked on our wood floor...wondering if his mommy knows it's the end of January and more than a bit cold outside. I LOVED this shot when I saw it in camera...loved how he is giving me that "I'll break your heart if you aren't careful" look. Until I realized I did the cardinal sin of photography...and lopped off his toes. Ooops.

This is the un-amputated version which is still cute and the only other shot I got before he promptly peed all over my husband's tie. Sorry about that honey.

I'll share the finished result of my little craft project in a week or two. I'm going to take similar pictures for a friend's brood so we can have a "craft the night away" girl's night next week!

On another completely unrelated note (and the reason for my title...were you wondering when I was getting to that?!?) Two new things for which I am extremely grateful. Sam can drink from a cup all on his own. And...

Feed himself a cheerio! I know to many of you this seems utterly ridiculous that I would even mention this on my blog (let alone get excited about it!) But if you knew the heart ache my first born gave us with her lack of self feeding abilities (until she was THREE!) you would be doing the happy dance with us. My second born could use a spoon and a fork by about 10 months and I'm praying this little guy will follow that path and save the "eating psychosis" for his older sister :)

That's all for now! Cheerio!


Angel said...

Love the one of A on the floor, and S in that tie is just so darn cute.

So, I have to ask, do you really have all those awesome wallpapers on your walls? Let's see I've seen red damask, black damask and brown houndstooth. Or is that a photo trick? Either way, it's stunning!


mom2four said...

Love all the pics. The cheerio one is super cute....I think that is impressive at his age....but then again I can't seem to remember when they do anything. I want to squeeze him!

Lala said...

Hi Jenn!!! OH... LOOOOOOVE the RED... LOVE IT!!! THe girls look FABULOUS... and even with 5 less toes SSam looks adorable!!! :o)

Fabulous on the munching milestones too!!! Has he tried IDAHO SPUDS yet??? *wink*

Love, Lala :o)

Dawn said...

Jen, I had to laugh at your comment about your daughter working for Lollipops! I have one of those too. A few weeks ago we did a photo shoot here in town and afterward we walked to the local candy shop for the "reward". Abby picked out a gigantic red lollipop as her "payment" for doing a great job posing. You should have seen the mess. I am just thankful that she is so easily pleased at this age!!!

Amylouwho said...

Beautiful kids and yes, I was wondering too about the wallpaper. I love that red damask. It's so striking! great, great photos - can't wait to see the project completed.

Anonymous said...

I totally snorted when I read about the peed-on tie. Definitely worth the sacrifice for such cute pics!

Jenn said...

No wallpaper in this house! I spent months ripping it all down when we moved in! Of course none of it was cool black and white damask :)

Just some fun backdrops! I take all my photos in our family room because we have floor to ceiling windows in there so there is lots of yummy light!!


Meli (Jam) said...

SUPER gorgeous pictures Jenn!!! I'm just lovin' all the pictures! And omg, I can totally relate to the excitement in self feeding!!! Thank goodness for Cheerios, Gerber puffs, and sippy cups.... :)


nic said...

the pee was totally worth it. that is all.