Saturday, December 13, 2008

a night out.

All three of my sweeties before heading out to a Christmas program this evening. Nothing more fun then kids who will let you dress them up in matching outfits and take a few pictures in front of the Christmas tree :) I was hesitant to take them out tonight as I knew I would have them all by myself in the audience (my hubby was playing his violin in the program). But they were perfect angels...Sam fell asleep...and the girls sat mesmerized by the spectacle of the show. It was such a nice evening out...I may even try it again sometime. Or would that be pressing my luck?

And Sharon...if you read this...a HUGE thank you for the Gymbucks. As you can see I was able to outfit my kids in holiday style...I am so very grateful!!

I love this season...watching the magic and excitement through these little ones!


Mandi said...

Your kiddos are adorable - and I LOVE the coordinating/matching outfits! How sweet they all look!

Janis said...

A classic, gorgeous picture -- great job!!!

And I love your pillows too!

mom2four said...

Great picture! Love it!

Lala said...

Hi Jenn!!! OH... how CUTE... and you KNOW how much I LOVE LOVE LOVE the matchie match look!!!

THanks for sharing your little sweeties!

Hope Paul did GREAT (I know he did!)

Let's try to chat this week!

Love, Lala :o)