Friday, September 12, 2008

Sewing NEWS!

Lots of fun goodies today! First...Ivylane is having a FUN launch this week! And just for kicks and giggles I've started my latest ebay listing at 99 CENTS! The more you bid the more chances you have to win some fabulous stop by here and gets those bids in!

I've also been trying to sew for my own girls a bit. I know I mentioned here how I'm having a hard time finding cute (and appropriate) clothes for A for school. I just LOVE Mini Boden but have a hard time swallowing their prices. I'm not usually a big copy cat but couldn't resist sewing up a couple of fun tees for A in typical Boden style :)

We found this sweet polka dot skirt on clearance at Target for $4.98. I bought to wear and one to sacrifice to the applique gods. I used a tiny, tight, applique stitch about 1/16 from the edge of the applique...I think it turned out super cute!

And this yummy tee...cost a whopping $2.98! And who doesn't love ice cream? Perfect to wear year around...we'll just add a long sleeve tee to layer when the weather cools!
That's all for now...I'll share more projects soon!


Little*Precious Boutique said...

You are so tres crafty! ;)
I want to move in with you guys so you can dress me all cute too! LOL

Lala said...

Hi Jenn!!! OH MY... I KNOW "A" will LOVE wearing the horse set!!! You are my IT girl for BARGAIN SHOPPING!!!

We'll be home all weekend!

Love, Lala

gina said...

Adorable! I wish, I wish I knew how to sew- it would have come in handy with four little girls!

Sweet Sunshine Boutique said...

Oh how I love customs like this, sweet & simple! Love Boden too! Jenn...if you have time & materials, you MUST list something similar on ebay, LOVE THESE!!!!

I am now begging, LOL!! Just teasing, but seriously, if you do list anything like for sure have a buyer!!!