Sunday, September 7, 2008

I lied...

there might be something cuter than Kindergarten girls playing soccer.

How about a baby boy in a button up shirt! This was a gift from a special friend. I was thinking it would fit S sometime this winter but alas...he is a chunk...and wearing his Christmas clothes in September. And what about some baby bowling shoes?

So he is giving those soccer playing girls a run for their money for grand prize of the cuteness contest.
His hair is really coming in on top...he has been sporting a little mohawk!

He's doing some adorable gummy grins these days...but capturing them is a challenge. It's not that he doesn't grin often enough...he just looks a bit possessed when he does! I'll be sharing more picture of him soon...working on plans for his 3 month photo shoot (GASP...tell me it isn't true!!)


Nic said...

oh yes...i would have to agree that it's sure hard to beat the combo of bitty button up shirts, bowling shoes, and mohawks. he is so gorgeous, and so big already! i can see a bit of your girls in his little face. :)

Lala said...

Hi Jenn!!! OMG.. PLEASE tell me he's wearing PLAIN FRONT KHAKIS too... ADORABLE!!! That little fuzzy head is too much! OK... He looks like "A"... that is my story and I'm stickin' to it!

Thanks for sharing!!!

Love, Lala :o)
Dance starts for Lk tomorrow evening... she's SO EXCITED!

Erin said...

holy smokes, he is ADORABLE!!! And getting so big! wow. LOVE those little shoes and he looks like such a little man in that button up shirt! TOO CUTE!!!