Friday, August 8, 2008

The Writer strikes again

I have 2 sisters. And since they both work in literary positions, I lovingly refer to them as "The Writer" and "The Librarian". The Writer is the middle sibling and I love her dearly. She's eccentric, funny, and full of life. Her pint sized body is barely big enough to contain her spirit. She has a squeaky high voice, curly brown locks, red plastic glasses, and enough funky printed peasant blouses to clothe a third world country. She stands tall in her leopard print heels and any cause in which she believes. And although I tower a good six inches over her...I look up to her in more ways than one. She has three fantastic girls...each just as quirky and fun as the next...and a husband ("The Pastor") whose nickname, "The Weasel" is better suited. They live in a three story pink house that somehow calls to you from the street..."come this fun won't regret it!"

So...that's my sister..."The Writer". And since she is a writer and writes her very own column I get the chance to hear the rough draft every Thursday morning before it is sent of to her editor. I've heard many stories through those phone calls...I've laughed, and cried, giggled, and about wet my pants...but last week's story really hit home :)

Click HERE to have a good read.


Erin said...

First of all, the blanket arrived- THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! Tessa absolutely LOVES it and has been carrying it all over the house, the car and of course sleeping with it! It's beautiful! What is the green fabric called?

Secondly, loved your sis's article! I was so surprised to see it's the Grand Island paper- we go through there yearly and even shop there a bit- my hubbie is from St. Paul!!! We visit his grandparents who still love there!!!

Little*Precious Boutique said...

That was THE sweetest, I'm glad I sat down to read it!! You are a super trooper Jenn, those three darlings are so lucky to have such a great mom! :) ~mandy