Thursday, August 7, 2008

A few more to share

Here are the rest of my favorite photos from last night's photo shoot. I've added texture to all of these because I love the vintage feel it gives them. I just can't decide how I want to have them processed...with our without?!? Post your opinion and help me decide!

And here is one without the added texture for reference. I was curious how the texture would process so I had Walmart print out a couple for me and they looked I just need to make a decision and order my prints! I worked late into the night trying to erase back some of the texture from the kid's faces...but it seemed to wash them out...if anyone knows any tricks give me a holler!


TaDa! Creations said...

Those are all stunning! I thought I loved the texture most until I saw the one without it. I love the different shades in the green grass behind them. It makes the chairs and those cute kiddos POP even more.

Maybe you could have the main photo over your mantel with the texture and then a collage of photos in another frame somewhere else without it.

They are all great shots, you have such a good eye for that! Now that you've got the prop, you could do that every year as they grow.


Little*Precious Boutique said...

Oh, my goodness...JENN...those are just beautiful! I bet the person who sold you that chair had NO IDEA how amazing it could actually look!
You know you're going to have to blog about that texture action...step by step now! ;)
You have such a beautiful family, I love to peek in here to see you sharing them. :) ~mandy

Lala said...

Hi Jenn!!! OH OH OH... the LAST pic without the texture... ADD THE TEXTURE to that one... THAT is the mantle shot for sure!!!

LOVE tada!s suggestion of a collage of shots without the texture

Thanks for the help today!

Love ya FRIEND!!! Love, Lala

madabella said...

I would add a mask to the texture and lower the brush opacity to about 58% and brush over the skin, especially faces. When finished I would lower the opacity of the layer to make the picture and texture flow. I hope this makes sense. Just a thought...Love the pics! You have a beautiful family.

Rebekah said...

I was going to suggest what madabella said - reducing the opacity of the texture layer.

Really beautiful shots, Jenn, your family will treasure these forever.

Swede at Heart said...

They are all GORGEOUS, but I have to say, the one without the texture is positively breathtaking. You will have a hard time choosing!

Angela said...

I like the texture but I also feel it needs to be scaled back or just used on the edges. It totally masks their lovely faces! Lovely photos!!! Angela

Sweet Sunshine Boutique said...

I love these textures! Oh please email me so I can ask how you made them!!
I am familiar with photo editing, just not sure how to "morph" the texture into the pic?? I know...silly right??!!! Hugs to you Jenn!


Nic said...

jenn! these turned out amazing. love the texture, especially on the little feet photo. :)

can you just print them out both ways? 'cause sheesh, i can't decide...i love it all!