Monday, July 28, 2008

Kick'in It

Today was A's first day of the Victory Soccer Camp with Goran Hunjak. I don't know if she played well or not...but she sure looked adorable :) She is just getting started playing and will get to play this fall on the kindergarten team at her elementary school. It was unusually cool and rainy this morning and the kids had a blast playing in the rain. I lurked around for a few extra minutes to snag some photos of her...until it started to really rain and J, S, and my trusty D80 ran for the car.

A wasn't overly enthusiastic about me taking so many pictures...did I embarrass her?!?! Surely not?!? She eventually agreed to pose for me a couple of times. Although she said that I now owe her a Littlest Pet Shop since she worked so hard modeling. Man that girl has some business sense about her! she is in all her cuteness!

Heading out on the field. There was actually a kindergarten group although A apparently thought she deserved to practice with the big kids...that's my little over-achiever!

Setting it up. She looks a bit "Kung Fu" in this shot which really cracks me up!

Wet, worn out, and extremely HAPPY! By the way...I took this shot about 10 times (I was trying to avoid the unfortunately placed background) but even with some editing and cropping I was unable to really save the shot. Just look at how cute A is and try to avoid the rest :)

Four more days of kick'in fun for A this week! Too bad that I have four more days to listen to J complain about how boring it is to be home with me while A is away!


Swede at Heart said...

Go Anna! I think the most fun thing about new sports is buying the clothes! That, and using a fun camera. hmmm makes me want a big honkin zoom lens...

TaDa! Creations said...

I think she earned her Pet Shop. hehe. OK, so funny that you pointed out the background you were trying to avoid. I don't think I would have even noticed it if you hadn't hentioned it. hehe

In the 2nd to last picutre I think A looks just like J!

Looks like she is having tons of fun! Happy Kicking and snapping away!


Erin said...

She looks so cute!!! Soccer is MY sport, I SO HOPE my girls play!