Tuesday, July 29, 2008

the funny thing about the imagination

I have never had a good sense of imagination. Ask my Mom. I didn't play as a kid...no dolls or house (unless you count popping the heads off of my sister's Barbies...that probably doesn't count though right?!?)

So when my girls ask me to play with them, I'm never quite sure what to do. Call me practical, a realist, or just plain boring...just don't ask me to play Polly Pockets.

But today J's long lashes were beating feverishly and I found my self agreeing to a round of mini princess play.

The cliff notes version of what we played:

So you can see there are 3 princesses and a King in the "swimming pool" having a swim party (seems just a little fishy to me!) The short prince on the elephant is filling the pool for them with cool crisp water.

The wild boar is teaching the dead dolphin how to swim in a pool (since he is used to swimming in the ocean).

These three ladies in waiting are watching the swim party with rapt attention.
The littlest princess is oh-so-small because she got dirty...her Mom washed her and accidentally put her in the dryer! And in the background is a dinosaur farm where all the dinosaurs are dead and you can walk around and look at them (see my post about our recent museum trip for a bit of an explanation!)

Try as I might I will never get it. But I must have done something right as J was highly impressed with my talking boar ;)


carole said...

Awww, give yourself a break. You IMAGINED this would make a great blog post. and you were right! ;)
Oh, and that new baby is truly scrumptious!

Lala said...

Hi Friend!!! OMG... J's lashes must've been beating FEVERISHLY for you to make a BOAR TALK!!!

Gotta give you credit though... you seem to have lasted longer than I would've!!!

Thanks for sharing such a fun time!

Love, Lala

Whitney :) said...

Ok Jenn ... your blog cracks me up daily!!! (especially the kung fu pic here!!) I've been reading for a while, but haven't posted -- LOVE IT!! Your girls have turned into young ladies since we last talked -- so precious! I found that tank you made us in Kathryn's drawer the other day and remarked that it's still in such awesome condition ... we so loved it!

Thanks for taking the time to post and keep us updated on your family -- oh, and btw, little super Sam is ADORABLE!

Take care, and email me sometime!
Whitney :)

Little*Precious Boutique said...

OMGosh, Jenn...that just cracked me up! I am the exact same way about that kind of thing...& am totally impressed with the talking boar!! ROTFL!!

Lynne said...

I am so glad I'm not the only Mom who doesn't play endless hours of "Princess and the Pony" Melissa's favorite game. Rick is better at it that I am. Love the pictures, they would make a great I-Spy. :o)

Little O' Me said...

You win the best mommy award for that pretend play!!!

GOOOOOOD job Jen!!!

Loved the story of it all!!!

Rebekah said...

This was so good to read, because I have always had a twinge of guilt for not enjoying imaginary play with the Pollies and the Ponies and the Barbies and so forth... I really want to, because my girls love it when I do, but I feel that same practical/realist/boring thing! Thank you for making me feel better :)