Saturday, June 21, 2008


I have been savoring the freshness of my new little man. Wishing I could capture every little detail of him before he changes and loses that just born, curled up, meowing kitty, soft smell feel. It is times like this that I wish I was an acclaimed photographer.

Here he is in all his sweetness.


Nic said...

oh. my. GOODness. he makes me long for another one, but the saner option would be for me to stop by and snuggle yours. so, uh, does 2:30 sound okay?

:) oh, and--a world-acclaimed photographer couldn't have captured him any better. gorgeous photos, my dear.

Lala said...

Hi Jenn!!! Um... I think a world acclaimed photog really has NOTHING on the pics you have been taking!!! THe pics are FABULOUS and he is so sweet!!! :o)

Glad everything is going smoothly!!! Smooches and hugs to EVERYONE!!!

Love, Lala

Erin said...

Jenn your pics are wonderful! You've captured him perfectly, so sweetly! He is just precious!

Lula Bee Boutique said...

Your pictures really are just wonderful!! And he is just the sweetest thing--giving me those "baby feelings" again!


Anonymous said...

Congrats Jen!!! He is the sweetest!!!

With friendship,

TaDa! Creations said...

What a handsome little man you have there. I love your pictures! Don't you wish you could capture that "new baby" smell in a bottle to open whenever you want to? Nothing is sweeter than a "fresh" new baby.

Enjoy and keep snapping away.


Margon said...

CONGRATULATIONS!! We have been following Sam's birth and events since then. Can't wait to come over and inhale that newborn smell myself!

Your pics are fantastic! Tell A & J hi from K!

Rebekah said...

Such beauty - precious.

I wish I had pics like that of my girls as babies!

Swede at Heart said...

Holy cute baby batman! I want to come hold him for a little while and smooch that sweet neborn noggin.

Jenn said...

Come on over gals! He loves to be held and snuggled so if you live nearby you should definitely come see him!!!


~love said...
i adore him!!! =) what great photos!

Jumpin Jilli Bean Baby said...

He's absolutely PRECIOUS Jenn!!!

He looks like he's such a sweet boy!
Jamie :)

*jimaie.marie* said...

these pictures make my Uterus ACHE!!!!!
the photos are GORGEOUS.