Wednesday, April 2, 2008

The Porcelain Queen

It's a nickname I have definitely earned over the coined by my sister (The Writer). I'd actually love to prove it false but that has yet to happen.

As if the Hyperemesis I've experienced with this pregnancy hasn't been bad enough...And of course closely following my own self-indulgent pat on the back for escaping the entire stomach flu happened.

So if you haven't heard from me this week, it is because I have been royally busy...making sure my duties as the Porcelain Queen have been dutifully met and subsequently scouring the castle (EXPECIALLY my throne!) until it shone once again and was fit for the royal family.

And now that all is well in the Kingdom I should be back to posting, sewing, mothering, and creating! I won't post pictures so don't despair!

And stop back tomorrow! I have an entire new collection that should be hitting the Bay first thing in the morning!


Lala said...

LOL... Yep... I told M last night on the phone you are the SPIT girl (ref. "IT" girl)... sending FEEL BETTER VIBES your way (and STAY HEALTHY VIBES for the rest of the kingdom!!! :o)

Can't wait to see the new duds you've WHIPPED up!!!

Love, Lala
P.S. The SPUDS can be in the mail pronto... if you need them!

Angel said...

I just got your Newsletter and WOW!!! you have been a busy girl! I love the little strawberry stinkin' cute!

Hope you feel better soon, we are in the throws of it now (yes, punn intended). ;)


Jenn said...

oh SO sorry Angel! I completely feel for you! It is the worst thing ever!!

Hope everyone gets feeling better soon! And thanks for the sweet compliment!