Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Someone stop me.

It all started with a simple request from A. Over spring break we will be heading to the Windy City for one last "all girl shop til you drop spoil-a-thon" before we add a boy to our family. My sister (the writer) and her three girls are coming too. I heart Chicago. And the girls are besides themselves preparing their babies for the pilgrimage to the American Girl Store on Michigan Ave. We have 8 baby dolls at our house. The girls have justly split their care in half in order to fairly share in the parenting duties. A's dolls are "Riley" (she is a Bitty Baby and will make the trip with us), "Shawna", "Samuel" (although he often wears dresses?!?), and "Clap your hands little Baby"...don't ask. And yes...I'm serious. J has 4 babies in her care as well. Her favorite is "Rebecca" (soon to be replaced in the baby hierarchy when she picks out her own Bitty Baby), "Big Baby", "Sam", and "Cool look guy"...again...yes...I'm serious. So A insisted that I sew matching outfits for the "big girls" AND their respective babies. Like I said...it started as a simple request. Now two full days later I am nearing completion of my doll clothes obsession. I didn't know it was so fun. I never played with dolls and truly have never understood how one can find hours of entertainment dressing dollies in outfits, cleaning up their spits, and making them french fry soup. But SEWING for dolls is a completely different story. And seeing the look on the girls' faces when I emerged with perfectly coordinating ensembles made it all worthwhile! I'd love to be able to say I just whipped them up in an afternoon. But once I started I couldn't stop....I top stitched...added ric rac and cute flower buttons...added another ruffle tier. And when the dresses were complete...I decided the babies would be cold...and I made knit shrugs to keep their shoulders toasty. So if you haven't heard from me in a few days...this is why :) I think I am back under control now....as soon as I finish the matching hoodies for the big girls...I'll stop for sure...I think.


Little*Precious Boutique said...

Jen, you are the coolest mom ever!! ;) mandy

Lala said...

Hi Jenn!!! As ALWAYS... YOU are the "IT" girl... WAIT until the AG staff gets a load of THOSE!!!

LOVE the names... and YES... I so believe it!

Love, Lala

Susan Lee said...

OMG.. how FUN!
You MUST take pics with everyone (dolls included in their matching outfits!)

Monkey Doodle said...

Those are so CUTE! I jave 3 boys and they name their stuffed animals the weirdest things. My youngest is 3, and he has a hippo named Macaroni, a dog named Twenty, and a blue bear named Little Teddy Grahams! ROFL :o)


Angel said...

What a cool Mom you are. Isn't it just the best to be asked to do something fun like that and to say "Yes." Kind of like being able to say yes to a puppy someday. LOL I'm sure they think you are just the greatest! Love the knit shrug, you thought of everything!


Jenn said...

Thanks gals! I am making it one of my goals to say "yes" to my girls more...they are kind of like the "shoe makers son who has no shoes"...and I have promised myself that I will sew for them more before the baby comes!!


Nic said...

you are SUCH a sweet mama. and even those dollie dresses are perfection. :)

modkidboutique said...

OMG, Jenn!! I am like 2 hrs. from Chicago! Next time you're up here we should meet up! How funwould thatbe!?!? My girls love the AG store! :)

Jenn said...

Patty...we will be there Sunday through Thursday if you want to come on down! That would be a hoot!!!