Sunday, March 9, 2008

Seriously UGLY....

I inherited this chair. And I love it like it is part of my is. When I was in junior high I raced home, grabbed a giant bowl of Cheetos, and swung my legs up and over the sides of this chair. My Mom and I would watch "Andy Griffith" and discuss the complexities of my non-existent social life. I waited for my prom date in this chair. I announced my engagement from this chair...and a year later...opened my wedding presents in its faded cushions. And when we moved it to our house, I nursed my 2 sweet babies in this chair....sang to them...taught them their ABCs...and read our favorite stories. But I have to is UGLY. Of course I had it slipcovered in a fantastic array of vintage chenille while it sat in the girls' nursery. My sister (the Librarian) made that slipcover. I tell people that I sewed it...but that is really a lie. We spent the weekend working on that project...but she was the brains behind the design. I merely stitched along the dotted lines and nodded my head in approval.

Next week I will spend the entire week playing, shopping, and goofing off like a little school girl. That makes this "the UGLY week". My goal is to accomplish all the "ugly" tasks in my life so that I can really let loose and have some fun. This chair has been at the top of my "ugly list" for awhile. But today I conquered it. It took me the entire day...but it is FINISHED! And it will have a new home in a cozy nursery on our 2nd floor where I will nurse, and sleep, and sing to my precious baby boy!


Lala said...

Hi Jenn!!! Well... that ugly chair "ain't" ugly no more!!! GREAT JOB!!! You not only have a "way" with needle and thread... but a "way" with words too!!! Thanks for sharing!!!

Love, Lala :o)

Lynne said...

It looks Wonderful !!!