Wednesday, January 30, 2008

It was a big day at our house. After months of waiting and wondering we trudged through the snow to my OB office to determine the sex of the baby! The techinician blurted out the results before I even had a chance to catch my breath...I think I'm STILL in shock 8 hours later! After 2 girls, 2 pink bedrooms, a pink bathroom, tubs of pink and purple dresses and shoes...we will be adding a BOY to our family!! We don't know what in the world we are going to do with him, but we are excited to find out! Both girls screamed, "We're having a boy, we're having a boy" as they ran down the corridor of the office building...followed by A's exclamation of "It's what I've always wanted!" I'd say they are excited!

And for everyone who needs visual proof...

After the appointment we grabbed lunch at my favorite Italian restaurant and headed out to do some shopping for our new little guy! My favorite purchase of the day was this outfit by Zutano that I picked up at a local boutique...couldn't resist those cute puppies!

Off to daydream about boy names, trucks, and airplanes! Time to switch gears!


Swede at Heart said...

Jenn, having a son is a wonderful blessing! You will enjoy him so much. The girls are so adorable and proud. ;)

Lala said...

OH JENN... HOW WONDERFUL!!! Now J will have a "Prince" to play with... and A a "doggie" for the game!!! WHAT FUN!!! Thanks for the ring up!!!

OK... PLEASE tell me THAT is his ARM I am looking at?!?!??? LOL...


BEC is MY PICK... :o)

Love, Lala

Susan Lee said...

CONGRATS to you & the family!
A baby boy is an amazing experience, you are going to just LOVE it:)
Love the pic of the girls, you'll definitely have to frame that one!

Amy said...

Awww! What fun, congratulations!

connorandlauren said...

Yippee!!! I'm so excited for you. Congrats on the boy, every one should have one. :)

Love Tammy

Beth said...

I was so excited when I heard yesterday! How fun, boys are a blast... kind of gross at times... but a total blast! I think your B name goes really well with A's and your S name goes really well with J's... don't ask me, I like em both equally! Yahoo!!

Jill said...

Congrats Jenn and family!