Tuesday, August 18, 2009

10 on Tuesday

1. I'm glad to be thinking about something other than the playroom. In case you missed it...scroll down or click HERE to see the finished results. THANKS for all the wonderful comments...I'm blushing...seriously. I totally love the space but it is nice to hear it from other people as well (I passed on all the praise to my hubby...gotta keep the positive comments coming so he is inspired to move on to the next project). I guess I need to talk more about decorating on the blog...that seems to be a favorite. And here I thought you were coming here to see pictures of me without any make-up?

2. Chunky thighs in Chucks make me happy.

3. Today in the car J said "Why didn't God make everyone the same?" I replied, "The world would be a boring place if everyone was the same" (I can think on my toes like the best of them, huh?) I was gearing up for a serious talk about diversity, equality, tolerance. Then she piped up, "Well, I wish God would have at least made us all smell the same". Yeah. Me too Jules. Tolerance is out the window on that one.

4. Guess what stinker bottom likes the playroom?

You are totally busted, dude.

5. We've got 2 days of school under our belt. So far so good. A's first comment in the door yesterday was "boy those Kindergartners sure are small!" Oh the wise words of a first grader.

6. It has been raining/dreary here forever. I'm thinking I am going to need one of those lights on a hat attached to my head soon. I need the sun. Sun, where are you? I can feel summer slipping away...

7. I have been having a serious urge to sew. I caught myself staring longingly at my fabric stash dreaming up apron dresses for the girls. I *could* unpack everything and carry it up to the dining room and work. Or just let the urge pass in a few days...

8. Two wet headed girlies just came down the stairs smelling of Baby Magic (I still use this on my 4 and 6 year old because it is HEAVEN IN A BOTTLE). Excuse me while I go give them a giant sniff and snuggle...

9. I was at a friend's house last night to pick up the cd of the photo session she so lovingly did for us. Her old house is so yummy and gorgeous that it re-kindled every notion in my body that I was BORN to live in an old house. I'm trying to be *over* the house we lost...I'm really trying. Why is it so hard? (By the way Sara...I can't WAIT to go through the cd...promise to share some soon!)

10. Little man loves his blankie.

I love watching him snuggle it. It used to be mine when I was a baby,

He carries it everywhere. Maybe I should start calling him "Linus". He walks around with it trailing between his legs. I was thinking of getting him a smaller version...but I think it is too late. The love affair is already too strong.

He carries it around so much he becomes wrapped up like a cocoon. Then he falls on the floor. But since he has his blankie he doesn't cry...he just rolls over...pounces is...and gives it a hug. Have I mentioned how much I love this little guy?

Happy Tuesday to you!


Jessica said...

Oh, my goodness Jenn - can he get any cuter?????!!!! I could just pinch those chubby cheeks in that last photo! The blanket - too sweet! Love that it used to be yours :)

AnnieJackDesigns said...

I just wanted to let you know that I had a blanket that looked just like that! Same colors, same pattern... It was a gift to my It is now my daughter's blanket, and we both love that it has been both of ours.

Meli (Jam Clothing) said...

Okay, Jenn, seriously..... Our boys were really meant to be best friends!! Everything about his little personality sounds just like my little R man. He even has the blankie to go along with it. And they also have the matching wardrobe. Every shirt you post him wearing is sitting right in mister R's drawer. LOL It's too funny!

Gotta love those chunky squishy thighs. They are the BEST!

Oh, and I too bathe my almost 6 year old in baby soap and shampoo. Until she refuses it, that is what we will be using. It's just too yummy not to. :)


Tonia @Chic Modern Vintage said...

He is too cute with his little blankie, and yes we are going to call him "Linus" :)