Sunday, February 15, 2009

keepin' the ball rolling

I'm really trying. I sent my better-half off to a remote village this week to do some missions work. He is eating iguana as I sit here...building a church, purchasing machetes for a local village, pouring concrete latrines, etc. And to be a bit honest, I feel a little lost without him. The timing of the trip was a definite drag as well. After 12 years of's not like we had an uber romantic getaway planned. But it is nice to be able to tell your love "I love you" on the appropriate day.

But the kids and I are trying to keep the ball rolling around here. My parents have come as reinforcement...what a huge blessing! "Mimi" and "Baboo" played with the kids, spoiled us with several restaurant meals, and even took me for some retail therapy. The girls (and little man) enjoyed the extra attention (and extra presents!) so very much. There was a big snow storm in Nebraska which earned my Mom a snow they came a day early. I kept the surprise from A and sent her off to school knowing full well my parents were already on the way. My mom and I sneaked down to A's school just in time for her Valentine's Day party. OH MY! The look on her face when she spotted us coming in the room...SHEER BLISS! I wish I could have frozen her expression...bottled it up for a bad was so sweet!

So a HUGE THANK YOU Mom and Dad for spoiling us. We love you!

So a few other things to mention. This little guy wants to get moving! He is scootching backwards and pulling himself forward on the edge of our family room rug. I'm thinking it won't be long before I need to put up some baby gates. He loves this little jingle ball....he totally reminds me of a crazy little cat. I love this "stare down" shot. I can just hear the gears in his little mind turning....

And to any of you who have little guys. When did you cut their hair? Sam's is starting to really sprout. I'm kind of sad he lost his little mohawk...although it does still stick up pretty crazy some days. It is growing over his ears and is so scraggly in front. If he was a girl I'd get out my vast supply of little clippies and give him the "fountain do". But I'm in uncharted territory here...anyone have any advice??

Had to include this last shot. Whenever my camera comes out...I get this look? Sam is SO inquisitive...definitely going to be my little engineer. And those little soulful eyes....SIGH...what a sweet boy :)

Sorry for the rambling. This is what happens when adult conversation is at a premium around here.

Back to the grindstone...rollin', rollin', rollin'....


Bethany said...

He is such a cutie!! How nice that your parents were able to come down and help distract for a few days while your husband is gone! Mine was gone for a few days last month and those days DRUG on and on and on!!

We had that same little ball when Gentry was a baby! She loved that thing!! Totally reminded me of a little cat toy too!!

Ahhh...the hair!! I am one of those extreme type A moms who can't handle long hair on boys. Just isn't my thing. So when my little guy's hair started to go down over his ears, it was off to Shear Madness for us!! Those first few cuts they just trimmed it up and shaped it a bit!!

Good luck!!

nic said...

mobile and curious is such a great looks like he's a half step from that stage where you kneel down with the camera and he's immediately there and tasting the lens. ;)

don't laugh, ok, but i cut two of my boys' hair immediately...b at about 2 weeks, z at 2 days(!) soon as we got home from the hospital, in z's case. they were born with a TON of hair, and i trimmed the bits sticking down over their ears and the longer strands of their bangs and at their necklines. m had super curly hair when he was little, so i let it grow for about a year (he had the cutest little fro) until i was sick of hearing "she's so cute" and finally cut it.

whenever you decide to take the plunge...we want pictures! :)

Anonymous said...

Nope I wouldnt cut it for several more months. I think he's pretty darn sweet with just a little wisps on his ears and forehead. (you can always slick it over to one side like in the 50's & 60's for a retro look---lol--- just kidding... sorta)

Kacey & Kandy said...

I'd let it grow a little more, as once you cut it, he will look even more grown up than he already does.

I love how you love your little boy so much. They are just so special, aren't they? My little man always seems to have a sparkle in his eyes when he looks at me, and I see it in Sam's too, as he looks at you through the camera. They just love their mommies :-)


Blissful Nikki said...

Oh My! Could he get any cuter?! I dont think so!!!