Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Do you ever feel like life is pulling in so many directions that having a split personality might actually come to your benefit? I'm beginning to feel that way. I was contemplating the idea of cloning myself to be able to get more done...but then it would still be me...exhausted...trying to get it all done...of course there would be more of me...so maybe not all that bad. I'm thinking the split personality might be a better option. That way someone else can help out around here. I can take care of the fun stuff and "Cybil" can clean my toilets and do the floors. Not a bad arrangement in my mind.

I guess between school, preschool, violin lessons, orchestra practice, photography sessions, editing, a BIG paint job (promise to share the end results), looking for a studio (hoping and praying that I'll have some great news here soon!), ebay listings, sick kiddos, and those darn toilets....life is feeling a bit chaotic. Good thing I have this blog where I can come and gripe and complain ;)

If you could use a little pick-me-up as well...stop by my latest ebay listings and soak in some fun spring time fashion. It is a proven fact that shopping releases endorphins as well...so snatching up some deals might just cure you of your winter blues (warning...I tried this at Old Navy yesterday and although it is hard on the pocket book it does seem to provide a brief bit of relief!)

Click HERE to see both auctions!

My kids have been getting pretty creative in their play these days. "Sick game" is one of their favorites. If you have been to my house and had to play patient in this horrible game I am deeply apologetic. This week their babies were feeling under the weather.

Here are the babies on their hospital beds...A has a mighty nice hospital band so she won't be arrested trying to visit the babies....wouldn't want to set off any alarms at the nursery!

I'm not 100% sure if that wet Kleenex is her mask...I'm thinking I'd rather not know.

This way to the hospital entrance.

This poor baby needed an IV...although her blood pressure is darn good at 110/60. Hmmm...I'm thinking my kids have come to visit me too many times in the hospital? Maybe we should see a counselor about that?

And speaking of hospitals. I went in for what I thought was a fairly routine exam today only to find out I'll be having outpatient surgery in a few weeks. It doesn't sound too bad...I'm mostly irritated that I will have to spend a day or two "recovering"...which is nice way to say I'll probably be desperately bored. Maybe I can send my other persona in that day for the procedure? Think the Dr. would buy that excuse?

And lastly...promised to share J's new curtain upon completion.

Pretty easy little one-hour project (especially if I don't mention that it took me about 2 hours because I am apparently needing more work reading a tape measure).

That's it for now in the sharing department. We'll see (like how I said we?) how the rest of the day unfolds. Maybe me, myself, and I will get a bit more done than I think we can!


xoxotova said...

i seriously can't take it anymore.. will you please come here and decorate for me.. I have an unlimited budget.. YEAH I WISH! beautiful beautiful xoxo's

Lala said...

Hi Jenn!!! OH MY... I KNOW those babies are getting SUPERB CARE from their nurses! How CUTE! LOVE the window treatment too! LOL... Just don't call one of your "alters" MERGE... you KNOW that name is already taken! Just remember to BREATHE friend!

Hope all is well!

Love, Lala

Jennifer said...

Your posts are always so entertaining! :) I love the hospital set up. Isn't it amazing what they pick up!

Jennifer - Nounces

My Trendy Tykes said...

LOL @ that orange juice iv!!

Love the curtain. I must make one! (yeah right....maybe I'll just add it to my TO DO list)


PamperingBeki said...

That hospital setting is TOO funny!!

Rebekah said...

That curtain is so great! The rod looks a lot like the one in my girls' room.

I'm cracking up at the stuff made from pipe cleaners at the doll hospital and the "H" sign with the arrow! My girls do stuff like that all the time, the pipe cleaners drive me insane! But it's such fun, just the same :)

Lora said...

Oh, when I see the pretty clothes on your girl it makes me miss when my daughter was young! I loved sewing clothes for her! She'd let me get super creative and she would just love wearing anything I made her! (She's 29 now ... not so impressed with mom's abilities anymore LOL)