Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Babies, business, and back to school...OH MY!

Remember my post about onsies with sayings? I'll admit to having a bit of an obsession. I'm finding them everywhere these days and having a hard time resisting them :) Here is Sam in one of my new favorites! Check out the double chin he is getting...thinking he's going to be a big boy!

In case there is any question about who is in charge at our house!

And I promised to share baby gifts we have received as I am able. Here is Sam in an adorable oufit from Tracy of PBandJ*Creations. She is one of the Queens of the boutique boy community on Ebay. Sam wasn't in the mood for formal pictures yesterday...nor would he keep on the darling hat that came with this set...but I PROMISE Tracy...I will send some better pictures of him your way soon! And check out his cute new play gym! I used a gift card from my friend Lala to get that for him this week! He has already enjoyed batting at and talking to all the silly little toys :)

I am slowly trying to get back in the swing of daily sewing. It is so hard to make it downstairs to my studio but my fabric stash has been calling and I have definitely had the sewing itch! One of the things that I have been selling locally are my baby name blankets. I'm thinking it may be time to start offering them online as well...haven't decided if I will use Ebay or branch out and give Etsy a try?!?

I often give my blankets as shower gifts and new baby presents. I love that they are personal and so far they have been a big hit. This week I made one to send off to a special friend who just had a baby and I included three matching burp cloths all looked so pretty tied up with a big bow!

I've also been working on getting my studio organized better. My project last night was to sort through my large collection of buttons. The girls and I ran to Walmart and got this nice little organizational tool...then A and I spent a couple of hours sorting and chatting. She was really great at catching all my mistakes too ;) This would be a great activity for little ones who are learning their colors!

Buttons are like candy to me! So colorful and pretty...I could stare at them all day!

And last but not least. Today was A's first "Jump Start" day at school. She is going to Kinder this year and she couldn't be ANY more excited...and I'm thrilled for her. She is beyond ready and has talked about nothing else for months. So today the Kindergarten kids got to come to school for an hour to meet their teachers and some of the other kids! Her school is right inside our neighborhood...we can jump on the walking path out our back door and walk right down the hill. Today we stopped to pick up the girls' boyfriends on the way (they are heading to Kinder too!) They are all so cute together...they have plans to have a double wedding some day like in the movie "Princess and the Pauper"....hey that ought to save me some money at least!


TaDa! Creations said...

Oh my! Boyfriends already. :)

I have that same sorter for buttons too. Be careful, if you tip it upside-down (which my girls love to do) they get all jumbled.


Lala said...

Hi Jenn!!! Glad you enjoyed the gift card!!! What a fun thing to purchase!

Glad A had a fun JUMP START day! Still waiting for our "meet and greet"... soon though I'm sure!!!

OH... those boyfriends sure are CUTE!!! And a DOUBLE WEDDING sounds WONDERFUL!!!

Nice chatting!!!

Love, Lala XOXO

Little*Precious Boutique said...

Oh, ho...funny!
They are all SO cute...I had to LOL @ them planning a double wedding! That is adorable! :)
Sam is so precious! I am addicted to those onsies too...I was SOOOO sad this spring when "Mister 2T" couldn't pull off the 18/24m versions anymore! (MUST the grow so fast!?!) :(
That baby gift is BEAUTIFUL, where did you get those nice garment labels...those are great!

molly said...

i saw one of the name blankets that you made over at 'the vintage pearl' and wasn't sure if it is something i could order from you- or if you are even making them for "random" people... it's just so cute- i had to ask. i;m not sure where you are- but i wouldn't hesitate paying shipping if you were able to do that. if you wouldn't mind e-mailing me at and letting me know when you get a chance? thanks again, molly

Erin said...

Sam is adorable as always, and of course he's the boss :)

How do you get your colors to pop so well indoors? Your pics are so vibrant!

LOVE LOVE LOVE the burpcloths! You should sell those :D

The button pic is so fun!

Boyfriends already? Too cute!