Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Rub a dub

We have had a rough couple of weeks with a cranky baby who can't be consoled. We've tried everything. We originally thought Sam had reflux but when the medication didn't make him more comfortable we opted for an allergen-free formula. We are working on transitioning him over the next few weeks...but WOW...what a difference in him already! Our formerly fussy guy is slowly transforming back into his charming self :) We are hoping that he will be much more comfortable after we get him completely weaned. His pediatrician suspects a food allergy (most likely milk or wheat) but even diet changes haven't fully solved the problem. If anyone has any experience with this please feel free to leave some ideas (or encouragement!) in the comments :)

This morning while he was happy and full we took a little bath. It was fairly momentous as he didn't cry for even one moment :) I thought I would share him getting squeaky clean!

Not sure what to think....hmm...maybe I DO like baths!

All clean!


Lynne said...

You pictures makes me want another baby!! Rick says it a darn good thing thats not possible. LOL

Lala said...

Hi Jenn!!! So great CHATTING with you!!! Glad that SUPER SAM is doing better and enjoying a relaxing bath!!! Nothing like a full tummy to make a little man's day right??? :o)

CUTE PICS!!! THANKS for sharing!!!

Off to VA in the morning!!!!

Love, Lala

Rebekah said...

My nephew had to be switched to the very expensive formula at about 4 weeks old, because regular formula was causing major problems. The dr. didn't even want to try soy at that point, he just went straight to this Alimentium stuff. When the baby was about 8 months & eating foods, my SIL tried switching him to the soy (to save $$), and it went just fine. Now, the kid can eat all dairy products, even drinks organic milk, just fine with no complications! Sometimes I think babies just have very sensitive stomachs, but as they grow, they grow out of it (it makes sense, since they can't eat chicken nuggets when they're born :) )

Erin said...

Awe so sorry for Sam (and Mommy too, it's hard!)

Eden has been pretty fussy herself, I'm nursing and have been careful with what I eat but nothing seems to make a difference even if I eat blandly and only drink water. I agree with the sensitive stomachs. She cries off and on every night from about 10 pm- 2am or so :(

Caleb was a fussy and crying baby, but Jonah was easy and Tessa was even easier- I thought Eden was going to be cake. But she's keeping us on our toes too!

I hope you find something that really works for him! It will pass soon :)

Natalee said...

JENN!!!! oh my goodness...I've meant to come over sooner and congratulate you on that precious little man...he is SOOO cute! I'm so glad you are both well.
Carter was a fuss-budget too, when he was finally old enough we put him on baby Zantac for acid reflux and he was SO much happier...just a thought hon:)
Take care,