Tuesday, July 8, 2008

One happy month

S - soft silky hair
A - another sleepless night
M - magical moments
U - unconditional love
E - early morning cuddles
L - laughing at your funny faces

E - everything we hoped you would be
L - living out our dream
L - little changes every day
I - imagining you all grown up
S - silly little smiles

Our lives were already full but God graced us with another child to love. It is hard to believe that we have already loved this little miracle for an entire month. He is so beautiful to us!!

We love you with our whole hearts Samuel Ellis.


Erin said...

So sweet! Love the pics, did you take those? He is soooo adorable!!!

Thanks again for the blanket, I've already gotten many compliments and "does she sell those?" questions!!! Should I send them your way?

Jenn said...

Thanks Erin! I took the pics in my family room :) Oh my...I see why professional photographers charge the big bucks...that is HARD work!!

Send people my way on the blankets! I love making them!


Lala said...

Hi Jenn!!! WOW... so different in B&W... but I LOVE the pics!!! Was the elbow prop a posed shot? ADORABLE!!! How lucky you and the family are to have such a handsome little guy to love!!!

Give everyone a smooch from us!

Love, Lala :o)

Jumpin Jilli Bean Baby said...

SO sweet Jenn!!! He has changed so much already, and this month has just flown right by! :( sniff....

Thank you for sharing your wonderful piccies! Your family is just the sweetest!!
Jamie :)

Swede at Heart said...

Oh my word! These photos literally took my breath away. Absolutely stunning!

modkidboutique said...

OH MY GOODNESS, Jenn. He is so precious. You guys are so blessed. Amazing pictures too!

Little*Precious Boutique said...

oh, my...Jenn...those brought tears to my eyes, he is such a beautiful little boy! I'm so glad you shared, they just made my day. :)

TaDa! Creations said...

What a handsome little guy. He has changed so much in a month already. Don't you wish you could just stop time? Thank goodness you have photography on your side. Keep the pictures coming!


Marisa and Nathan said...

Jenn!!! Of course I love these pics as well! Can't wait to get Ava in front of your camera - mommy doesn't do such a good job with capturing those perfect little pics.

What does your week look like next week? Do you want to consider scheduling a little picture time for Ava? Either way, just let me know! She'll be 3 weeks old this coming Monday - I'd love some shots of her sleeping and awake (can we get those??).

~love said...

jenn--those pics are gorgeous! he's perfect. =)

thanks for your encouragement about the hyperemesis. i just got out of the hospital again. =(
i'm an optimistic person, but this can really test a person. =)

how many weeks were you when you got rid of your pump??

Jenn said...

Hey Love...shoot me an email at

I'd be happy to share some info about some things that really helped me with this last pregnancy!!


Cinnamon*Sticks Boutique said...

Oh Jenn Those photos are just amazing! What a beautiful boy.

serendipitylovesnewyork said...

Your pictures are so beautiful, how amazing that your little one is a month already, he looks so inqusitive already.....claire x

Nic said...

you captured him perfectly--what awesome photos! and i really need to stop visiting your blog because i'm supposed to be done having babies! :)

Bowznstuff said...

arrrrghhhh - he is so CUTE - that one where he is on his tummy trying to lift his head up - DIVINE!

sweetfunkyvintage said...

So precious!