Thursday, June 5, 2008

Wrapping up

Three more days to get through before we get to meet "Mr. Peepers". And I've had a few requests for another updated belly shot...although not much has really changed in the last few weeks. I'm definitely ready to pop! I've got my bag packed, my toes ready, and special presents for the girls set let's get the show on the road!

This was me this morning. A took this picture...not too bad for a 5 year old! I can't believe I let her hold my camera...but she looked right into the view finder and snapped away like a pro. She even reprimanded me for not holding still. It was so windy out today and apparently she didn't feel she was getting the best shot ;)

I've heard a great pedicure can start such luck here...although my toes look much better!

And a fun picture of A in a new summer set I made just for her. I so rarely sew for my own is really quite sad....the dressmaker's daughters. I started out just sprucing up a cute pair of capris she had but got bit by the design bug and also made her a fun little halter and headband to match. I'm already itching to get to designing again and I haven't even officially started my break yet...I must have a serious problem!

That's all for pictures to come soon :)


Lala said...

Hi Jenn!!! OH MY... you are GORGEOUS!!! I LOVE that TOP... and those sparklie KICKS are FABULOUS too!!! :o) "A" is a photographer in the making... that girl!

I will be sending you swift labor vibes on Monday my friend! :o)

Love, Lala

Jennifer said...

Ahh Jenn you look fantastic! tick tock tick tock.. it'll happen soon!!

:) Jennifer

Jumpin Jilli Bean Baby said...

WOW!!! You look AMAZING Jenn!!

Miss A did a great job on that shot and your toes look pretty too!

I can't wait to meet Mr. Peepers!! lol

Sending warm hugs!!
Jamie :)

Erin said...

omg are you so excited?! I'm excited for you!!! I can't wait to see his adorable little pics! You look so cute, love the toes and the outfit you made is so fun!

I'm curious now what your other kids names are?

Rebekah said...

You look fabulous, momma!

Cute outfit you came up with there, too. I'm the same way, I rarely sew for my own!

Sweet Sunshine Boutique said...

You are such a cute preggo!!! Love the toes, anyone growing an entire human being inside of them for 9 months needs a pedi every once in a while, lol!!! The set is darling!!! She looked to happy to wear it too!!! Wish I could Summer taks I have set for myself, take sewing lessons, then maybe I can finally replace Hubby's buttons on his shirts, lol!!! But designing is my goal, however probably years down the road!! Good luck Jenn!!


Swede at Heart said...

You look more radiant than ever! I will be praying for a swift and easy delivery on Monday. I *LOVE* A's new outfit. It's really cute and sassy, just like she is.

My Charmed Life said...

You are GORGEOUS...good luck with everything and can't wait to see baby pics!!

Love the set you made A...too cute!!!

modkidboutique said...

OMG! Look at you! You look adorable! What an amazing picture A took... she is quite talented! I love your new pedicure and the set you made your sweetie! I know what you mean too... I cannot ever take a break even if I try. Good luck with everything!