Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Ding & Ditch

Tomorrow is May Day and I have so many fond memories of my own "ding & ditch" escapades as a kid! I've noticed that this tradition seems to have fallen by the wayside here in our own community. I'm hoping for a resurgence...a re-birth...a refueling of the "ding & ditch" fever. As a child we decorated white styrofoam cups with stickers and pipe cleaners...adding in just enough candy and goodies to prompt a serious belly ache. Once loaded onto a cookie sheet...we carefully hobbled out to the car giggling in anticipation. And after a not-so-quick trip through the neighborhood depositing "the goods" on porches, ringing the bell, and running like the wind...we came home to a stoop full of our own surprises. We got caught more than a few times too. But that was at least half the fun!

Being on bed rest does complicate things a tad. But I couldn't resist a chance to celebrate the onset of Spring with a bit of pomp and circumstance. Our baskets aren't wonderfully hand crafted or filled with goodies baked from our own kitchen...but they were crafted with love by 4 chubby toddler hands and lots of giggles. Tomorrow I will send P and the girls out to deliver "the goods" to our bestest friends....and our girls will carry on the "ding & ditch" tradition :)

I'd love to see your creative take on May Day too! Consider this a challenge...snap a pic of your own May Day creations and post it on your blog! Be sure to comment here so I can come check out your own creativity!!! There are so many fun possibilities! We even made some boy versions with miniature sand buckets for containers! Now go have fun! And run like the wind!


Lala said...

Hi Jenn!!! What a FUN idea... and tradition to carry on! I'm SURE the girlies will have a blast with the delivery!!!


Love, Lala

Angel said...

Oh I love that idea! I will try my best to start that tradition tomorrow. I remember making paper cones and doing that as a kid for my friends on the block. Thanks for reminding me of those fun childish days and that I better get started organizing that kind of stuff for my own kids.


p.s. Thanks for adding me to your links!!! :)

Lynne said...

I remember do this !! We made cones out of construction paper and pipe cleaners. Rice Krispie treats were our favorite stuffer.

little pumpkin grace said...

Oooooooh! I want to do it. I want to do it!!! Thanks for the ideas. I'm all for buidling fun, traditional childhood memories!
Thanks, Jenn!

Nic said...

LOVE this!! you are the sweetest friend ever. gonna try this myself...just have to pick a lucky victim... :)