Thursday, March 27, 2008

Camera HAPPY!

I had 20 minutes between ballet lessons with J and picking A up from preschool. I didn't think it was enough time to sufficiently get into any real trouble. I have a favorite shopping spot. It is an old farmhouse turned business called The Cottage Door. The owner is a fun 30-something mom who stocks the house with all kinds of refurbished cottage decor. She will paint anything you bring in and has serious talent choosing colors and finishes for the pieces she displays in her shop. I only allow a trip once a month because as soon as I walk in my judgment becomes impaired and inevitably start drooling over large pieces of furniture even though my conscience is telling me I have nowhere to put them! Today I was especially well behaved. I actually only stopped in to check on the progress of a shelf I am having painted. (I am a serious do-it-yourselfer....but I couldn't resist her offer to paint it for TEN dollars to match a dresser I had already purchased there!) I even left my purse in the car. I went straight to the owner and began my inquiry about the shelf. Unfortunately, our conversation lasted just long enough for my eyes to wander over to a nearby shelf where she had 2 vintage cameras neatly nestled among a few other treasures. A few laps around the store later and I had 4 new "old" cameras in my hand...and back to the car I went to retrieve my purse! I haven't decided on an exact spot for their new home just yet. I have a large collection (uhh-hum..."shrine") of black and white photos of A and J in my home. I'm thinking the cameras would make a great addition! I'll be sure to share the super cool avacado green dresser I purchased as well...just waiting for a enough light to snap some pictures of the almost complete nursery!


modkidboutique said...

OMG! I have a large collection of vintage cameras!! I should share these on my blog some day! I think I have all the ones you've pictured here... and then some! ;) LOL!
Great find! :)

Lala said...

Hi Jenn!!! SUPER FIND!!! OOoo... wouldn't it be KEEN to find an old USED flash bulb to fit the camera in the center??? *FLASH*- UGH... I'm seeing SPOTS!!!

I'll have to scrounge around in the attic... might have an addition for your new collection!

Love, Lala

Swede at Heart said...

You have to take me with you! That shop sounds like HEAVEN. Love your new finds. :)

Jenn said...

Ann...let's set a date! You would absolutely love it :)