Thursday, February 14, 2008

Spread the Love

I just love Valentine's Day. It's not the gooshy songs or romantic cards that get me. It was a gorgeous day here. Unexpectedly warm and spring-like and I loved seeing the look on the girls' faces as they ran downstairs in their pjs to see if the Valentine's Fairy had left any special surprises for them. A had a special preschool party and J and I ran some errands and enjoyed the beautiful morning weather together. Even a trip to the Dr. didn't dampen the spirit of the day (A is apparently suffering from restless leg syndrome). A bit more shopping and then we headed home to bake chocolate cupcakes with white frosting and sprinkles.

The girls re-arranged the furniture in the family room, brought up all their baby dolls, and put a table cloth and centerpiece on the coffee table...a special welcome surprise for their Daddy. I know everyone thinks their kids are cute. But seriously. Mine are so stinkin cute I could just eat them up :) As I tucked J into bed she whispered to me, "Do you think Daddy will remember to say Happy Valentine's Day to me?" Of course he did.

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