Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Meet the cooper girls...

J is the youngest but don't let her age fool you! She definitely wears the pants in the sibling hierarchy at our house. She is full of spunk, carefree and silly, and can usually be found running through our house in a costume and tiara. Her laugh is contagious and her little voice is so sweet and naughty at the same time, that I am forever trying to decide if I should hug her fiercly or send her to time out. Last week we had a drizzly day. One of those cool winter days where the temperature climbs above freezing and the air is thick with moisture. J was determined to play outside and I couldn't think of a single reason to object. And so we stomped in the puddles that run down the path of our backyard, we laughed, got wet...and I fell in love with my daughter all over again!

A is the big sister. She is quirky and funny, able to understand the complexities of adult conversation, and creative in ways I never knew were possible. Her energetic smile and persistence will win your heart over in about 30 seconds flat. Did I mention she is smart? She runs like Phoebe from Friends and is resigned to being captain of the scholar bowl rather than the first girl chosen for the team in gym class. She is usually a cat. But on occasional days you might find her frolicking through the house as a puppy, horse, or lion (Simba and Nala are big at our house this month!) A spent the afternoon yesterday making Valentine's Day cards for all her favorite people. After about an hour she came downstairs and presented me with the first masterpiece. I was touched that I ranked at the top of the important people in life...until she reminded me the card was really "for the baby!"

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