Thursday, January 24, 2008

Happy Feet

Well the morning dawned bright and cold with a temperature hitting only 1 degree. We've still got snow and as we rushed about our morning business of getting A off to school, J appeared in these. Perfect footwear for the frozen tundra don't you think? They don't even fit her. The too narrow design makes her little Flintstones foot pop out the top of the shoe like a muffin waiting for a dollop of frosting. But I was too tired to argue. I asked her if they hurt her feet. Her reply, "Hmmm...not soooo much...but feet are smiling." And with that she curtsied and we were out the door. Wishing you happy feet today too!

1 comment:

Lala said...

OMG... had to check them out IMMEDIATELY... the HAPPY FEET... so properly PRINCESS!!!

NICE CHATTING!!! Keep warm!!!

Love, Lala