Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The Bump

A quick snapshot of me at 22 weeks pregnant...for those of you following my pregnancy with rapt attention. Ok, so that may not be anyone...but everyone likes to see "the bump" right? It must be official. The man checking me out at Target this week asked if I wanted to save 10% "for the baby". People are noticing. And people are touching. WHY do people feel the need to reach out and stroke a growing belly? Is it some inborn trait we have as women? Frankly, it freaks me out. The thin tube hanging from my shirt is the line to my infusion pump. The lucky women of my family have been gifted with a condition called Hyperemesis. A fancy term for all day puke your guts out morning sickness. It started at 6 weeks and by Halloween my Dr. had me hooked up with my own McKinley T34 infusion pump. It delivers anti-nausea meds around the clock which would be wonderful if you didn't have to stick a needle in your thigh everyday as a pay-0ff. The GOOD NEWS...if all goes well FRIDAY IS MY LAST DAY! Then I can pull the plug and and stop wearing this ridiculous contraption! And by next week we should know the gender of this little squirming creature! I have an ultrasound scheduled for Wed. morning. We have an entire morning of fun scheduled which includes the apt., lunch out, and some shopping for the baby!


Jam Clothing Company said...

Awwwwww Jenn, Your baby bumb is so cute! Your ultrasound day sounds like mine. Dr, out to lunch and shopping..... what a perfect day! I can't wait to hear the news of if it's a boy or girl. I'm hoping for boy. he he he!


Nic said...

yay! i didn't even know! congrats, sweetie. :)

Jenn said...

Too bad we don't live closer Meli so we could do some serious shopping together! I'm so excited for you too!

And thanks Nic!!

Lala said...

OH OH OH... FINALLY a BUMP SHOT!!! I thought I'd never get to SEE!!! :o) I can't WAIT for ultrasound day... you know my guess... :o)

Love, Lala

Jenn said...

Lala...I had a dream last night that your guess was we will see!